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Friends, Seafood, Bubbly, and Chardonnay: our Brazilian wine pairing dinner #WinePW

This month’s wine pairing theme has everything that makes us geek out. Emerging wine region? Check. A new culinary adventure? Check. New ways to think about economic development? Check. When we started research for this post, we knew what everyone knows. Everyone wants to visit Brazil for its beauty, from cultural and ecological diversity to... Continue Reading →

Made in China sparkling Cabernet Franc pairs great with weeknight dinner #WinePW

Every time we go to China, we bring back as many Chinese wines as we can fit in our trusty Wine Check suitcase. But knowing how hard they'll be to replace, we tend to be shy about opening them. You know, waiting for that "special occasion" that doesn’t come remotely often enough. Luckily, we’ve been following a group of wine writers who gave us the perfect excuse: “Cabernet Franc around the world” is this week’s Wine Pairing Weekend Twitter chat (#WinePW). We love Cab Franc, but it’s usually cooler climate reds from the Loire Valley. This time, we went a different route: bubbles from China. Click on photo to read more.

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