Cahors, Hainan Chicken Rice, and The Stories Wine Books Tell

We’re fascinated by how wine regions, young and old, develop reputations. As we prepared to open the bottle of Cahors that had been waiting for this month’s #Winophiles event, we browsed through various wine books to see how the image of Cahors wines has evolved, and where it stands.

New Zealand Chardonnay with a view of the Pyrenees

About two weeks ago, Wednesday 10pm, it was too late when we remembered the Wine Pairing Weekend tasting group on Twitter (#WinePW) had a New Zealand theme planned in August. A few hours later we were off to France. The odds of us joining the #WinePW fun looked slim. Finding quality New Zealand wine in Toulouse France, we thought, would take far more than a quick trip to supermarkets like Carrefour or Casino. Click on picture to read more.

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