Foreign investment, joint ventures, and Chinese wine

Our story on how joint ventures with foreign wine groups played a role in boosting quality and credibility for Chinese wine. It was published by The Conversation on April 17, 2018. This one focused on French investments, but make no mistake, they're not alone, and with multinationals, who's from where can be a little complicated! Click on photo to read more.


Podcast interview about the Chinese wine economy

Pierre was interviewed on What We Do, a University of Puget Sound Podcast that features the work of people in the campus community. The 26 minute episode aired on January 25, 2017. Listen on your next commute or run in the park!

Made in China: wine edition

This was the first of a 2014 Chinese wine series we wrote for the magazine Alternative Emerging Investor. This looked at the relationship between China's rural land ownership system and Chinese wine quality.

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