In search of Chinese terroirs

After our first round of summer field research in Chinese wine country, we were lucky to write our first report for The Wine Economist blog. Our friend and colleague Jeff Begun, who already spoke enough Mandarin to get into trouble, was part of this first adventure, too.

Cynthia is pictured above in front of the main building at Grace Vineyard, in Shanxi province, one of our very first Chinese winery visits, where we spent the night and enjoyed fantastic food and wine. Back then, we thought we would go back a couple of times and then write academic journal articles on the subject. Typical Professor thinking… Little did we know that a few years later, we’d be organizing wine tastings, be interviewed in the media, and write a book that we hope non-academics won’t mind reading for fun. We never looked back!

Click here to read part 1 of our report for the Wine Economist.

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